A Pocketful of Happiness

Me: Do you know the actor Richard E Grant?

Nell: I’m not sure I do.

Me: He lost his beloved wife Joan to cancer in 2021 and knowing how much he would be grieving she challenged him to find a pocketful of happiness in every day.

Nell: A difficult task.

Me: But that’s what he does. He’s overwhelmed by grief but still finds things to make him smile every day.

Nell: Brave man.

Me: I’m going to try and do that too.

Nell: Good for you.

Me: Yesterday was an extremely difficult day. I felt completely lost and spent the day in tears.

Nell: I know you did.

Me: I had to find photos of Alex for the funeral and it completely broke me to see her smiling face and know I will never see it again.

Nell: That’s understandable.

Me: But today I’m determined to find my pocketful of happiness.

Nell: I’m glad.

Me: And it’s Poppy and Dave playing tug of war with the tea towel.

Nell: Are they doing that again?

Me: Yes. Poppy hangs on for dear life and she’s so strong.

Nell: She is.

Me: Dave could win easily but he doesn’t. He just gently pulls.

Nell: I know. David is a very gentle animal.

Me: And sometimes Poppy even wins.

Nell: Yes. She’s always extremely proud when that happens.

Me: And it’s only because Dave lets it happen.

Nell: He likes to make her happy.

Me: Yes. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell: How about a nice cup of Earl Grey by the fire?

Me: Do we have one?

Nell: Yes. We don’t really need it but it’s raining and Kev thought you might like it.

Me: I would.

Nell: Sitting with you by the fire is my pocketful of happiness.

Me: Thank you.

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