Keeping an Eye

Me: It was awfully kind of you and Harriet to keep an eye on Jonathan while he was drinking his milkshake.

Nell: Harriet drifted off to sleep a few times.

Me: It was a large milkshake and it did take a long time to drink.

Nell: Yes. I’m not surprised he couldn’t manage it all.

Me: Do you like milkshakes?

Nell: I’ve never tried one. But if it’s anything like the milk left over from a bowl of cereal then I’d definitely like it.

Me: And when did you try that?

Nell: Faye and Jonathan always share their breakfasts. Unlike some.

Me: I’m a bit fed up with this rain, Nell. Thank goodness they’re all coming back in August.

Nell: Yes, it’s rather tedious. Now, you need to update everyone on your sister Alex.

Me: Yesterday wasn’t such a good day. She had a temperature spike and her blood pressure dipped so she’s back on the medication.

Nell: The nurses said this isn’t unexpected.

Me: Yes. Things can go up and down. Let’s hope today is a better day.

Nell: We’ll just take each day as it comes.

Me: Yes. It’s the only thing we can do.

Nell: We dogs lost one of our dearest supporters yesterday.

Me: You mean Paul O’Grady?

Nell: Yes, he always championed our cause.

Me: He did. The world is a sadder place for his loss.

Nell: It is. I’m afraid toast and cereal isn’t going to be enough for breakfast. It’s definitely a bacon sort of day.

Me: Dave would agree.

Nell: Some days simply can’t be managed without bacon and this is one of them.

Me: I love you very much, Nell. Thank you for keeping an eye on us all.

Nell: It’s what I do. No need for thanks.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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