Small Steps (on the sofa)

Me: Jonathan is feeling so much better.

Nell: That doesn’t mean he can bounce on my sofa.

Me: It’s everyone’s sofa.

Nell: It’s where I like to sit quietly.

Me: You and Jonathan have a special bond, don’t you?

Nell: We do.

Me: You’ve taken him under your wing.

Nell: Under my paw you mean.

Me: It’s lovely to see.

Nell: He’s a young pup and pups need guidance.

Me: Well, he couldn’t find anyone much better.

Nell: And why should he? I’ve told him we can stay in touch via WoofsApp and he’s welcome to join my Young Animal Mentoring Group on Zoom.

Me: Marvin’s in that group, isn’t he?

Nell: Yes, and young Toby. Now, I think you should update everyone on your sister Alex.

Me: Yes. Kev and I went to see her in intensive care yesterday and she’s doing much better.

Nell: Good to hear.

Me: She’s off most of the machines except for the breathing tube and they might try and remove that later this week.

Nell: Was she awake?

Me: No, she’s still lightly sedated, but I think she squeezed my hand and the nurse said she opened her eyes for her earlier.

Nell: That’s promising.

Me: She also seemed to react while Kev and I were talking.

Nell: Did you tell her all about the messages of love and support?

Me: I did. I told her she was a fighter and we were all behind her.

Nell: Exactly.

Me: The consultant said she had a 2 in 10 survival when she was admitted last Wednesday but now it’s an 8 in 10.

Nell: That’s positive news so why the tears?

Me: I’m just exhausted, Nell. I don’t think I’ve been able to breathe properly since this happened. Sorry.

Nell: No need for sorries.

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