Reaching Out

Nell: I need to have a word with you.

Me: Is it about the clocks going forward?

Nell: No. It’s about David.

Me: He did a really good job with breakfast this morning. My boiled egg was perfect.

Nell: I’m not talking about David’s cooking skills. Did you see what he was wearing?

Me: Do you mean the tiara? I think he should be allowed to wear what he likes.

Nell: Not around his neck. It belongs to Faye.

Me: He’s her noble steed. She’s missing playing with Jonathan because he’s not well so Dave is there for cuddles.

Nell: I suppose that’s acceptable in the circumstances.

Me: We’re all in need of cuddles at the moment.

Nell: Yes, David and Harriet are in high demand. I’m afraid Poppy and I are not the cuddling kind.

Me: You’re always there with advice though, Nell, and Poppy is keeping us fed and watered.

Nell: The Welsh corgi choir are dedicating today’s Sunday Songs to your sister Alex.

Me: How lovely. I’m going to tell her all about the kind messages of love and support when I visit her in hospital tomorrow.

Nell: Good idea.

Me: The doctors say she might be able to hear us.

Nell: You never know.

Me: I’d also like to say a big thank you to Cathy Tall, a district nurse from our area, who has been such a help with advice about Jonathan. Alice found it most reassuring.

Nell: People are very kind if you let them be.

Me: Yes. I think we all need to reach out to each other more instead of trying to do these things alone.

Nell: True.

Me: It was very hard to say goodbye to Chris and Shannon yesterday.

Nell: I know but they’ll be back soon.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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