Happy Birthday Chris

Me: I can’t believe Chris is 35 today. He’s my baby.

Nell: Talking of babies, do you like the photos?

Me: They’re lovely. Baby Marvin and Baby Dave.

Nell: Not to mention Harriet, Young Poppy and our dear Mutley.

Me: I miss him so much.

Nell: We all do. Marvin has written a poem for Chris. Would you like to hear it?

Me: I would.

Nell: ‘Dear Dad, I know it’s your birthday today

And even though I am far far away

I still want to wish you

Lots of fun and cake.

But when you come home,

Make no mistake,

We will be having

A serious chat

About you leaving me here.

Cos I’m telling you that

Wasn’t right

It was naughty

And not at all funny

Cos worst of all

You took away Mummy.

So have a nice day

Full of cuddles and joy

But remember I’m waiting

And I am your Boy.’

Me: He’s going to love that.

Nell: Yes, there’s nothing like a guilt trip on your birthday.

Me: He’ll be back with Marvin very soon.

Nell: Now, we have some serious news.

Me: We do.

Nell: Yesterday your little sister Alex was rushed into hospital with pneumonia and Covid.

Me: Yes.

Nell: And now she’s fighting for her life in intensive care.

Me: Yes.

Nell: We’re going to need all your prayers and good wishes to get her through this.

Me: We are.

Nell: So, please send them Alex’s way.

Me: What kept me going at the hospital yesterday was knowing I had my wonderful family waiting for me and the support of you all.

Nell: What will be will be, but you can be sure we’re all thinking of Alex and willing her to pull through.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

Nell: No sorries. Not today.

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