Jonathan is Unwell and Faye goes on an Adventure with Chris and Shannon

Me: Well, that was quite a day.

Nell: I told you I should have gone with you to Hope Cove.

Me: It wouldn’t have made any difference, Nell. Jonathan would still have fallen ill.

Nell: He was fine at breakfast. David kept a close eye on the whole meal and Poppy and Harriet helped.

Me: He was just putting a brave face on it and the close eye was more like begging, if you ask me.

Nell: Potato potahto. What happened?

Me: When we got to the Cottage Hotel Jonathan started to feel poorly. Faye tried to comfort him but he needed to go home.

Nell: So you drove Jonathan and Alice back?

Me: Yes. Kev had to take you to Chloe for your treatment.

Nell: What about Faye?

Me: She went on a wonderful adventure with Chris and Shannon.

Nell: That’s good.

Me: They climbed a big hill and walked on the beach and found a cave.

Nell: You need to be careful of caves. You can never be sure who’s living there.

Me: I agree. Anyway, they had a wonderful time which is the main thing.

Nell: What about today? Aren’t you going to Dartmouth?

Me: We are but I’m not sure about Jonathan and Alice. It depends how he’s feeling.

Nell: These things happen.

Me: Yes, they do. At least you dogs will be there to comfort him if he does have to stay behind.

Nell: Does that mean I’m not going with you again?

Me: We’re booked in for lunch, Nell, and they don’t take dogs.

Nell: I’m not happy.

Me: You’re needed at home. You know how good you are at looking after people.

Nell: I know exactly what you’re doing there, Missy. But you’re right. It’s probably best I oversee everything here.

Me: Sorry.

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