Happy Mother’s Day

Nell: I’m afraid David has become something of an attention seeker.

Me: What do you mean?

Nell: The children were happily enjoying watching television when he demanded cuddles.

Me: Did he get them?

Nell: Of course. Now, I’m not exactly the cuddliest of animals but today is Mother’s Day here in the UK so it should be all about cuddles.

Me: I agree. Do you want one?

Nell: I do not. Fortunately, you have an excess of people and animals eager and willing to cuddle and be cuddled so just take your pick.

Me: What if I wanted to cuddle you?

Nell: Make it snappy as breakfast is waiting.

Me: What are we having for breakfast?

Nell: Bacon, obviously, and lots of eggs. There is also fresh fruit for the children and a mixed leaf salad for the insects.

Me: What insects?

Nell: Insects celebrate Mother’s Day too, you know, it’s not just llamas and lions.

Me: I hope you’re referring to Mrs King and not Lionel.

Nell: I am. Today is about us ladies both past and present and mothers in any shape or form.

Me: I was thinking about my mother as we were driving home yesterday. There were daffodils and primroses growing everywhere and I remembered how much she loved to see them.

Nell: She did.

Me: She would be so happy that we’re all together.

Nell: She is. Just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean she isn’t there.

Me: You’re right.

Nell: Let’s snuggle up before the children join us and listen to the Welsh Corgi Choir rehearsing in the field.

Me: Happy Mother’s Day, Nell, and thank you for being a mother to us all.

Nell: Being a mother is the greatest gift one can ever have. No need for thanks.

Me: No. Sorry.

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