Just One More Sleep

Nell: What is David doing in your bedroom? It’s far too early. David doesn’t come upstairs until later.

Me: He was feeling a little cold and wanted to be close to Harriet.

Nell: David always sleeps downstairs in the living room with me.

Me: I know but you’re not very cuddly.

Nell: If you mean I object to a giant Labrador using me as a pillow then that’s correct.

Me: Harriet doesn’t mind.

Nell: And why has Poppy barricaded herself into her Palace?

Me: Dave was trying to help sort out her bed and then it got stuck in the doorway. I think she quite likes it.

Nell: She doesn’t look like she likes it.

Me: She’s just tired after seeing the vet yesterday.

Nell: What did the vet say?

Me: She thinks Poppy must have hurt herself falling off the bed a few weeks ago and has bruised her back. We all thought it was the Cushing’s but it’s actually coincidental.

Nell: What is the plan?

Me: She’s staying on her painkillers for a week and then we’re gradually reintroducing the Cushing’s medication.

Nell: She’s certainly much more herself.

Me: Yes. It’s a relief.

Nell: And what about you?

Me: What about me?

Nell: Why are you up and writing this early? Do you have an appointment I don’t know about?

Me: No. I can’t sleep. I’m too excited. Alice and the grandchildren arrive tomorrow.

Nell: That is exciting.

Me: Yes. They don’t land until 10.30pm so we’re staying the night at a hotel near the airport.

Nell: A sensible decision.

Me: I’m going to drive over there in the afternoon as I don’t like driving in the dark.

Nell: So, only one more sleep to go?

Me: Yes.

Nell: The emphasis being on sleep.

Me: You’re right. Sorry.

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