Thank You So Much

Me: Can I begin by saying a huge thank you to everyone who supported us? It really does mean a lot.

Nell: David and I would particularly like to thank Brody, a black Labrador from Ohio, who asked for the money to be used for bacon sandwiches.

Me: Yes, I’m not sure Dave is going to stick to his diet.

Nell: A Labrador can’t be expected to cope without bacon.

Me: You’re right. Now, I wonder if I could ask you a favour?

Nell: Ask away.

Me: When I’m taking photos of you, like now on the beach in this glorious sunshine…

Nell: It is truly glorious.

Me: Could you perhaps try and smile a little?

Nell: I don’t do smiles. I leave that sort of things to the llamas.

Me: They are an awfully smiley lot. Bless them.

Nell: Or that dreadful hyena Mr Giggles.

Me: Nobody needs to see him smile. Could you just not look so grumpy?

Nell: I’m not grumpy.

Me: Try and pretend I’m Kev. You’re always giving him loving looks. I just get a hard stare.

Nell: You need a firm paw. Always have done.

Me: Tracey says I’m a delight.

Nell: Tracey would. She doesn’t know you.

Me: Don’t you think I’m a delight then?

Nell: You can be. I also think you have far too much imagination for your own good and sometimes get carried away and lose your grasp on reality.

Me: I wonder where those Beefies got their 99’s from?

Nell: I beg your pardon?

Me: I could just do with an ice cream.

Nell: This is exactly what I was talking about.

Me: No. Look at them flying around showing off with ice cream faces.

Nell: Those aren’t 99’s. Stop embellishing. They are simple cornets.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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