It’s All About The Cream

Me: You enjoy our visits to the activity field, don’t you?

Nell: Yes. I particularly like the soft grass underpaw.

Me: And Dave and Poppy love running off lead.

Nell: They do.

Me: It must be hard for them to see you and Harriet off lead on the beach but Dave is too big and boisterous.

Nell: And Poppy is too wild and mean.

Me: I’m afraid she is a bit of a bully. I’d say it was because of her illness but she’s always been like that.

Nell: She threw an egg at Malcolm this morning.

Me: But he’s the politest flamingo I know.

Nell: Fortunately Manuel caught it.

Me: Do we know why?

Nell: It would have broken all over Malcolm’s feathers.

Me: I mean why Poppy was cross with Malcolm.

Nell: He said we should try our cream tea the Devon way.

Me: He didn’t.

Nell: I’m afraid he did.

Me: But we eat our scones the Cornish way. Jam on first and then clotted cream.

Nell: I know.

Me: And never the Devon way. Cream on first and then jam.

Nell: Actually your sister Alex does it the Devon way.

Me: What?

Nell: Just saying. We do live in Devon.

Me: I’m afraid I’m on Poppy’s side here. We’re all about the cream not the county.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: My theory is that if you’re a jam person you like it to be on top but if you’re a cream person you like to taste that first.

Nell: Perhaps everyone should just enjoy their cream tea the way they like it.

Me: As long as it’s jam on first.

Nell: It’s not like you to be so inflexible.

Me: We’re talking about scones, jam and cream here, Nell. This is serious stuff. Sorry.

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