Good News and Bad News

Nell: I have Good News and Bad News. Which would you like to hear first?

Me: Good News, please, and I’m really hoping it’s that Lionel and that dreadful elderly hyena are leaving. I nearly had a heart attack when I bumped into it in the kitchen.

Nell: I know Mr Giggles is a little off putting at first but you need to see past the exterior.

Me: He’s terrifying, Nell, and that laugh.

Nell: It is rather annoying. Anyway, the Good News is that Kev is coming home today.

Me: That’s wonderful.

Nell: PC Panda had the photos analysed and they are clearly fakes.

Me: I could have told him that.

Nell: The Daily Growl is going to print an apology and all posters have been removed from town.

Me: Excellent.

Nell: Several Beefies are also helping the police with their inquiries.

Me: Even better.

Nell: Yes. Kev should be back by lunchtime.

Me: Has Knitwear Wolf gone to get him on his motorbike?

Nell: No. Lionel is sending Mr Giggles in his car.

Me: Is that the Bad News?

Nell: No. Mr Giggles has collected Kev before. He even lent him his chauffeur’s hat.

Me: What’s the Bad News then?

Nell: I’m afraid we’ve had to delay the Birthday Ball.

Me: That’s fine.

Nell: We can’t have a Ball with all this nonsense going on.

Me: I don’t mind a low key birthday. When you get to my age you’re just thankful to be alive.

Nell: Good grief. You’re only going to be 64, not 104.

Me: I know. I think the past few months have taken the oomph out of me.

Nell: Well, we need to get your oomph back and quickly. Kev will be home soon and Poppy is making a celebratory lunch.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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