Poppy is Badly Behaved

Me: I’d like to discuss a couple of important things with you.

Nell: No time, I’m afraid. I have my massage and hydrotherapy session with Chloe so Kev and I will be leaving soon.

Me: You can jolly well make time because this is important.

Nell: Fine. What’s so urgent?

Me: I want to talk about Poppy’s dreadful behaviour on the beach yesterday and the Birthday Ball.

Nell: What dreadful behaviour?

Me: She pulled her lead out of Kev’s hands when he was busy kicking the ball for Harriet.

Nell: Yes, that wasn’t a good move.

Me: And then she ran right across the beach and chased two terriers.

Nell: I think one of them might have been wearing cufflinks.

Me: There wasn’t a cufflink in sight.

Nell: She probably saw it glinting in the sunlight and had to move fast.

Me: There was no sunlight.

Nell: I admit the sun was a little shy but it did peek its head out now and again.

Me: That’s rather poetical of you.

Nell: Yes, I thought so too.

Me: But back to Poppy’s behaviour.

Nell: She thought it had stolen Mutley’s cufflinks from Dave.

Me: She did not. She was just being a bully.

Nell: It wasn’t her finest hour but anyone can make a mistake. Ask David.

Me: I had to run across the beach to get her.

Nell: Yes, I know.

Me: And I never run.

Nell: It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Me: I could hardly breathe.

Nell: You are a little unfit.

Me: I know I am. As soon as I’ve got these health issues sorted I’m going to start swimming again.

Nell: Good, anyway it was lovely talking to you but I need to go.

Me: What about the Birthday Ball?

Nell: Chat later.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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