One Does What One Can

Me: It’s very cold today, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes. Winter is definitely on its way.

Me: Is that why you’ve climbed into bed next to me?

Nell: I’m not actually in the bed.

Me: You sort of are, Nell. You’re lying on the pillows and Poppy has been banished to the cold end of the bed.

Nell: It’s my turn. Poppy spent the whole night in your bed, snuggled up next to Harriet.

Me: She’s only small. She needs to snuggle.

Nell: Large animals feel the cold too, you know.

Me: True. Dave had ever such cold ears when he came upstairs just now to give me my morning cuddle.

Nell: That’s because he was patrolling the area with the other guards.

Me: I didn’t know we had guards.

Nell: Why do you think Alejandro is wearing a saucepan on his head?

Me: I thought it was an alpaca thing.

Nell: And the llamas? Didn’t you wonder why they were wearing fighting coats?

Me: Is that what they are? They look more like duvets to me.

Nell: One does what one can.

Me: Are we preparing for battle?

Nell: Yes. We’re expecting a Beefy invasion.

Me: Did we hear it on the grapevine?

Nell: Why bring fruit into this?

Me: It’s just a saying.

Nell: Owl Pacino saw them gathering near Burgh Island.

Me: That’s not far away.

Nell: Exactly.

Me: I bet that lion has something to do with this. He’s always hanging out at the Burgh Island hotel.

Nell: I wouldn’t call it ‘hanging out’. Lionel likes to stay there when he’s in the area.

Me: Should I put a saucepan on my head?

Nell: Please don’t.

Me: I’ll just snuggle up in my fighting coat then. Care to join me?

Nell: I already have.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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