Maple is a Good Friend

Me: Maple’s a good friend to Poppy.

Nell: Yes, they’ve become close. I think it’s the hours they spent together in the crow’s nest on the Cutty Bark.

Me: And the fact they’re both feisty and small.

Nell: And good with a sword.

Me: Yes. Anyway, Poppy’s feeling a little low so she’s having a rest on the bed and Maple is watching over her.

Nell: How kind.

Me: She can’t really see her, of course, because she only has little legs and the bed is high but she’s doing her best.

Nell: That’s all we can do. Why is Poppy feeling low?

Me: Lionel and those nasty cats should be punished for what they did but instead they’re living the good life at the Burgh Island Hotel.

Nell: We don’t know that.

Me: Yes, we do. Princess and Sir Roger Blubbery saw them laughing on the balcony yesterday when they were swimming around the island.

Nell: It might have been a different lion.

Me: It was him. His ship was parked outside. I don’t know why you’re so blinkered when it comes to Lionel King.

Nell: I’m not. Princess and Sir Roger have become firm friends, haven’t they?

Me: Yes. In fact Babycakes Gillespie is taking bets on a possible engagement before Christmas.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: I think it’s lovely. And I noticed you changed the subject when it came to Lionel King.

Nell: I did nothing of the sort. Now, Sunday Songs are about to begin so we should coax Poppy outside to listen.

Me: Great idea.

Nell: Rupert is providing warm ponchos for everyone.

Me: He’s such a thoughtful wolf. You’ve got a good one there, Nell. Don’t take him for granted.

Nell: Stop interfering and put on your poncho.

Me: I’m right you know. Sorry.

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