Tony Lends a Sympathetic Ear and Nell Goes on a Date

Me: Did you see Dave having extra cuddles with Tony?

Nell: I did.

Me: Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. He is so affectionate.

Nell: David is lucky that Tony is prepared to lend a sympathetic ear.

Me: What’s troubling him?

Nell: Vegetarian Sunday of course. We can’t be dealing with another one of those any time soon. David is traumatised.

Me: That’s a little excessive.

Nell: Vegetarian Tuesday would be acceptable, or even Wednesday, but not Sunday.

Me: I’m glad you said that because I think Poppy is making her chickpea falafels for tea today with a nice Greek salad.

Nell: Did you say chickpeas?

Me: You enjoy salad.

Nell: Life is too short for chickpeas.

Me: I like them.

Nell: You can have them then. I shall be requesting a Quiche Lorraine with my salad and some new potatoes with butter.

Me: It’s not a new potato time of year.

Nell: We shall see.

Me: I think I saw Poppy making pittas.

Nell: If you mention hummus I’m leaving.

Me: I love hummus.

Nell: Fortunately I am lunching out today so I shan’t need much for tea.

Me: Said no Labrador ever. Who are you lunching with? Dorothy?

Nell: No. Rupert has invited me to The Cottage Hotel.

Me: How lovely. It’s my favourite place.

Nell: I know it is.

Me: I haven’t been there for ages.

Nell: I’m sure Kev will take you there again soon.

Me: Yes. So, you and Rupert, eh?

Nell: What is that supposed to mean?

Me: Going on a date.

Nell: Don’t be uncouth. It is not a date. It is merely two friends lunching together. Nothing more.

Me: I’m your friend. Maybe I could come too?

Nell: Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Me: It’s definitely a date then.

Nell: Enough.

Me: Sorry.

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