We Have Hope

Nell: It’s very early again.

Me: I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to let people know what happened yesterday.

Nell: That’s understandable but you need to rest.

Me: I will later.

Nell: David is not supposed to be up on your chair.

Me: We’re watching Masterchef Australia, Nell. We always watch it together.

Nell: Anyway, you had better update everyone.

Me: I was really scared but all the messages of support kept coming in so I knew I had to be brave.

Nell: And you were.

Me: When I arrived at the hospital the doctor I saw last week was there too.

Nell: Why?

Me: She wanted to examine my lymph nodes before the operation.

Nell: They were worried the cancer had spread.

Me: I was terrified about that too.

Nell: I know.

Me: Anyway, she spent some time feeling my neck and under my arms etc. and then she said ‘I think we caught it in time.’

Nell: That’s wonderful news.

Me: I burst into tears.

Nell: Of course you did.

Me: Then they removed the skin lesion under local anaesthetic.

Nell: Did it hurt?

Me: The injection hurt a little but then it was just tugging. One of the nurses chatted to me the whole time.

Nell: Good.

Me: We talked about you, actually, and all the people supporting me.

Nell: It helped, didn’t it?

Me: I can’t even begin describe how much.

Nell: So, what happens now?

Me: They’ll do tests and I’ll probably have to come back for at least one more operation.

Nell: Right.

Me: They need to be sure they’ve got it all.

Nell: Yes.

Me: And then I’ll be monitored closely.

Nell: But we have hope now.

Me: Yes we do.

Nell: And those are happy tears for a change.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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