Sunday Revelations

Me: Look at you three with your tongues hanging out.

Nell: It’s the fastest way to cool down.

Me: We needed a good run after the last few days, didn’t we?

Nell: I didn’t notice you doing any running?

Me: I walked briskly. You and I both did.

Nell: Yes, it was most enjoyable. Now, where’s your hat?

Me: I didn’t know I needed one.

Nell: Of course you do. Sunday Songs is dedicated to our late Queen. The Welsh Corgi Choir are veiled.

Me: So they are. Will they still be able to sing?

Nell: Nothing stops a corgi singing. You should know that by now.

Me: It might just be me but there seems to be an awful lot of them.

Nell: Really?

Me: Yes, and when I went downstairs to get my breakfast this morning the kitchen was full of corgis.

Nell: Was it?

Me: And Poppy was wearing a flying helmet.

Nell: An odd choice of hat.

Me: Yes. Is there something you’re not telling me?

Nell: Why would you say that?

Me: I know something’s going on.

Nell: Fine, but I don’t want any squealing or sending them back.

Me: Sending who back?

Nell: I received a distress call last night from the Royal Corgis.

Me: Oh dear. Poor little things. They must be missing The Queen so much.

Nell: Yes. Balmoral has become unbearable without her.

Me: I expect it has.

Nell: I’m glad you said that because Poppy flew up to Scotland last night and brought them here.

Me: I beg your pardon.

Nell: It’s only for a few days and they’ve got their own beds. You will hardly notice them.

Me: Poppy kidnapped the Royal Corgis?

Nell: Stop being so dramatic. She simply rescued them from a sorrowful situation.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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