Dave and Nell Do Some Gardening

Me: Could we have a word about the large plant pot, please?

Nell: David and I have been doing some gardening.

Me: Gardening?

Nell: Repotting to be exact.

Me: Repotting?

Nell: Would you kindly stop repeating everything?

Me: The thing is.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: It looks to me like you and Dave been digging in the big plant pot and have thrown earth everywhere.

Nell: I wouldn’t say ‘thrown everywhere’. The earth is still near the big pot.

Me: And now Dave is bored so he’s just lying on his lounger chewing his Neon Green Chew.

Nell: Everyone needs a break now and again.

Me: And you are actually lying in the middle of all the earth watching him and even drifting off to sleep.

Nell: I’m a senior labrador. I need my rest.

Me: And there’s no sign of anything being repotted anywhere.

Nell: Have you quite finished?

Me: Yes.

Nell: We were only trying to help.

Me: Really?

Nell: Yes. Kev mentioned that Babbacombe and Bantham might need repotting.

Me: We’re talking palm trees now, aren’t we?

Nell: Of course. Babbacombe and Bantham have been looking a little worse for wear for quite a while now.

Me: I know. I’ve been rather worried about them.

Nell: You grew up in Babbacombe, didn’t you?

Me: I did. Many happy memories.

Nell: Exactly. Anyway, the big plant pot has much more space in it.

Me: It does.

Nell: So, David and I thought we would clear it so fresh soil could be added and a nice home could be made for Babbacombe, or Bantham.

Me: I see.

Nell: Probably Babbacombe as it’s an older palm tree and needs a little extra care.

Me: Yes.

Nell: Anything else? Only I am a little tired.

Me: No. That’s fine. Sorry.

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