Some Can Focus and Some Can’t

Me: Do you know what I admire about you?

Nell: My patience?

Me: I wouldn’t say you were particularly patient.

Nell: You have no idea.

Me: I really admire the way you can focus on something to the exclusion of anything else.

Nell: Focus?

Me: Yes, you were completely focussed when we were in the activity field. The grass is awfully dry now, isn’t it?

Nell: Everywhere is dry at the moment. We’re in the middle of a drought.

Me: Good that it’s raining properly today then.

Nell: Yes, I was extremely pleased to hear the rain this morning.

Me: What was I saying? I seem to have lost my train of thought.

Nell: Nothing new there. You were admiring my focus.

Me: Oh yes. The puppies struggle a little sometimes. Especially Dave. He’s easily distracted. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy.

Nell; Except when he’s playing Cowardy Custard with Walter, or there’s food.

Me: Well, that’s the thing. There was food but Dave and Harriet weren’t fully aware of it at first.

Nell: Kev had some biscuits in his pocket.

Me: You knew and you were focussed on getting one.

Nell: Of course I knew. Kev always has biscuits in his pocket.

Me: I’ll tell you who else is focussed.

Nell: Who?

Me: Roger Blubbery. My friend Christine sent me some photos of him flirting with the tourists at the beach and my sister Charlotte sent me a video.

Nell: Flirting?

Me: Well, making friends.

Nell: How did he get there?

Me: Knitwear Wolf dropped him off when he was delivering some cardigans. Seals need the sea.

Nell: Rupert is not a taxi service.

Me: He doesn’t mind.

Nell: Is he still there?

Me: Who?

Nell: Roger Blubbery?

Me: Where?

Nell: At the sea. Try and focus.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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