Sara admires Harriet and annoys Nell (for a change)

Me: Harriet is maturing into the most beautiful chocolate Labrador, isn’t she?

Nell: She is exceptionally lovely.

Me: I would call that photo a Symphony of Brown.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Look at her elegant pose and the way the sun highlights the colour of her coat.

Nell: If you think waxing lyrical about Harriet is going to stop me asking why there’s a strange seal in the kitchen then you are very much mistaken.

Me: It isn’t a strange seal. It’s Roger Blubbery.

Nell: I know it’s Roger Blubbery.

Me: Why call him strange then?

Nell: He’s not supposed to be there.

Me: I invited him.

Nell: I knew you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. Meddle, meddle, meddle.

Me: He’s lonely, Nell. And he’s only popped over for breakfast and possibly a little lunch if we have a mackerel going spare.

Nell: We always have a mackerel going spare.

Me: Well then.

Nell: He’ll still be here at dinner time. You mark my paws.

Me: I don’t want to touch your paws, thank you.

Nell: I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find him guest starring with the Welsh Corgi Choir at Sunday Songs tomorrow.

Me: I’m not sure he has the right voice for singing, Nell, but I know he’s an awfully enthusiastic clapper because when Knitwear Wolf collected him on his motorbike he clapped all the way here.

Nell: Rupert collected him?

Me: Yes. Roger sat in his sidecar.

Nell: So, Rupert is part of this too?

Me: Yes, I was talking to him about the situation and he agreed that it simply wouldn’t do and we should definitely rescue Roger.

Nell: Rescue Roger from what exactly?

Me: Loneliness.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: What’s a few mackerel between friends?

Nell: I give up.

Me: Sorry.

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