Sandwiches and Seals

Me: Tony and Dave are the best of friends.

Nell: They are. Talking of friends tell me about your afternoon tea yesterday.

Me: It was delightful, Nell. I love being with other writers and it was wonderful to actually see them in the flesh again and not just on zoom.

Nell: Was I mentioned?

Me: You were. Annette and Brian were there and he remembers how you followed him into the kitchen for a biscuit when we visited them.

Nell: I was just being helpful.

Me: You climbed onto their sofa.

Nell: Of course I did. Is Anne happy in her new house?

Me: Very.

Nell: Good. What about the sandwiches? Crusts on, or crusts off?

Me: Crusts on, and lots of delicious fishy fillings.

Nell: Fishy fillings?

Me: Yes.

Nell: No Coronation chicken?

Me: You’ve never eaten Coronation chicken in your life.

Nell: Anything sweet?

Me: Delicate little lemon cup cakes and a selection of fresh fruit. It was the perfect tea for this hot weather.

Nell: I wouldn’t know.

Me: Just because you weren’t invited doesn’t mean you were forgotten. You were mentioned several times.

Nell: At least I provided a topic of conversation, I suppose.

Me: I’ll tell you what else we talked about.

Nell: Please do.

Me: Harry was chased by a seal.

Nell: What was he doing?

Me: Just swimming.

Nell: Was the seal alone?

Me: Yes.

Nell: Did Harry feel it wanted to be his friend?

Me: Harry didn’t even realise it was there until people started pointing at it from the beach.

Nell: Did it have a name?

Me: Harry thinks it might be called Roger.

Nell: That’ll be Roger Blubbery then. He’s a little bit needy.

Me: Do you know him?

Nell: Everyone knows Roger Blubbery. Do keep up.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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