Keep the noise down, please

Nell: Would you keep the noise down, please? Some of us are trying to rest.

Me: I was just discussing yesterday’s party with Poppy.

Nell: Well, do it in a quiet voice.

Me: It went really well, didn’t it?

Nell: Yes, until torrential rain forced us all inside.

Me: We managed.

Nell: You weren’t caught between two steaming llamas.

Me: It’s not like the llamas to be angry. They usually have such sunny dispositions.

Nell: I meant steaming hot. It was excessively humid and damp llama is not the most pleasant of aromas, especially mixed with all the other wet animals.

Me: I know what you mean. The house was a little smelly. It reminded me of an old Afghan coat I wore in the 1970’s.

Nell: Fortunately we could leave the doors open.

Me: Kev had a wonderful time and I know he would like me to thank everyone for their kind birthday greetings.

Nell: Yes, that is the main thing. Why are you wearing your best dress?

Me: I’m going to afternoon tea at my friend Anne’s. She moved house recently and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

Nell: Am I invited?

Me: No, it’s only for Wednesday Writers I’m afraid.

Nell: I am a poet, you know, and well regarded.

Me: Yes, I know that.

Nell: I even write on Wednesdays.

Me: But you’re not a Wednesday Writer.

Nell: Potato, potahto.

Me: Now, you’re being silly. How about asking Poppy if she’d make afternoon tea for you all?

Nell: Poppy is exhausted after yesterday.

Me: There’s bound to be some leftover cake and Manuel could throw together a few sandwiches.

Nell: Thrown together sandwiches and leftover cake?

Me: It was just a suggestion.

Nell: Afternoon tea is not about leftovers.

Me: No, of course not. Sorry.

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