Beach Steps and Spirit Places

Me: I love the way Dave takes the lead on the beach steps.

Nell: David is on a lead and so is Poppy.

Me: Yes, I know, but Davey makes sure the steps are safe and then Poppy fearlessly dashes behind him followed by Kev, you and finally me.

Nell: Please don’t call him Davey. He’s a grown Labrador not a soft toy.

Me: Harriet is a free spirit. She runs up and down several times before we even get there.

Nell: Harriet comes alive at the beach.

Me: Exactly. I’ve been thinking about how we all have our spirit places.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Places we go to if we need to recharge our batteries.

Nell: I don’t have batteries.

Me: You know what I mean. Places that energise you and give you strength.

Nell: I like to go down to the river and wade in the water.

Me: I know you do. You always have an extra spring in your step when we go there.

Nell: The grass is thick and lush by the river and the trees provide shade.

Me: It’s your spirit place.

Nell: I don’t know about that but I do enjoy it and it does me good.

Me: Mine is Hope Cove. The wonderful views of the coast make me feel I’m part of something much bigger. They help me put things into perspective.

Nell: Harriet’s spirit place is clearly Bantham beach. She’s never happier than swimming in the sea.

Me: Some people’s spirit place is a city. They love the hustle and bustle of city life.

Nell: Going into Kingsbridge is more than enough for me.

Me: I think Gladys would enjoy city life.

Nell: Gladys is far too busy gliding with the llamas. Don’t put ideas in her head.

Me: Sorry.

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