Wednesday Ramblings

Me: Look at my darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy gazing up at the sky and thinking deep thoughts.

Nell: David is playing Cowardy Custard with Walter. There’s nothing deep about it.

Me: Oh, I thought Walter wasn’t to be trusted.

Nell: After a long chat with Jonathan we came to the conclusion that Walter is actually just trying to protect his family.

Me: What about all that listening to other people’s conversations and staring through windows?

Nell: Walter is extremely nosey. He can’t help himself. He reminds me quite a lot of someone I know.

Me: Do you mean me? I know I find other people’s lives absolutely fascinating. It’s a writer thing.

Nell: I was talking about my friend Dorothy, actually, although you do ask far too many questions for my liking.

Me: Do I?

Nell: Yes, you do.

Me: Are you sure about that?

Nell: Very, and stop right now. I know exactly what you’re doing.

Me: Alice and the children are safely back in Berlin. They had to wait nearly two hours for their cases so they were all exhausted by the time they got home.

Nell: Travel seems to have become a lot more stressful than it used to be.

Me: It does. The roads were awfully busy yesterday.

Nell: Well, you’re not going anywhere today, apart from the beach.

Me: That’s fine with me. The Beefies seem to have stopped barking and howling.

Nell: Yes, although their own voices are even worse.

Me: I don’t mind their screeching. It reminds me of growing up here in Devon. Seagulls were part of life.

Nell: I just wish they’d stop wearing cardigans.

Me: Yes. Pashminas are far better suited to Beefies. No arms. Maybe Knitwear Wolf should think of exploring that market.

Nell: Good grief.

Me: Sorry.

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