Nell is Grumpy

Nell: Do we have to watch this?

Me: You’re a bit grumpy this morning. Did you have a few too many cocktails at the Saucy Seagull bar yesterday evening?

Nell: I only had the one, if you must know.

Me: Why?

Nell: Someone arrived who I didn’t want to see.

Me: Who?

Nell: Let’s just say this film isn’t helping.

Me: It’s The Lion King and the children have never seen it.

Nell: I know but it’s inappropriate for the current situation.

Me: Harriet doesn’t mind. She’s enjoying it.

Nell: David got completely carried away during ‘Hakuna Matata’.

Me: I always think Dave is rather like a lion.

Nell: David is a Labrador in the prime of life.

Me: Yes, but there’s something liony about him.

Nell: That’s not a word and please remember that lions are not always our friends.

Me: Are we talking about that baddy Lionel King?

Nell: We are.

Me: Was he at the Saucy Seagull?

Nell: He was.

Me: Did he order a cocktail?

Nell: Of course he did. It’s a cocktail bar.

Me: Did his voice sound a little barky?

Nell: It did not.

Me: So, you wouldn’t say he sounded like Harriet?

Nell: I would not.

Me: That’s something.

Nell: No, it isn’t because everyone else did.

Me: Do you mean the Beefies?

Nell: Yes.

Me: All of them?

Nell: Definitely the ones at the bar.

Me: Gosh, that is a worry.

Nell: It is. If Harriet’s voice can be shared among many the potential for mischief is great.

Me: Did Sandy Shore agree to open the bar here?

Nell: Yes. Tomorrow evening.

Me: Chris flies back to Toronto tomorrow.

Nell: I know.

Me: I may be a little sad.

Nell: We will all be a little sad.

Me: Yes, we will. Sorry.

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