Is it time for Dave to Pop the Question?

Me: Dave’s face when Sally appeared in Knitwear Wolf’s sidecar. It was priceless.

Nell: He knocked over several corgis in his dash to get to her.

Me: They didn’t mind, Nell.

Nell: No. Corgis are incredibly resilient. They just kept on singing with their little legs in the air.

Me: Bless them.

Nell: I wouldn’t have been so forgiving.

Me: I don’t know how Sally does it but she manages to look like a film star all the time.

Nell: Yes, she does.

Me: She reminds me of Grace Kelly.

Nell: Here we go.

Me: A classic blonde beauty.

Nell: She and David make a most attractive couple.

Me: I was wondering if Dave might pop the question now that he’s 5.

Nell: What question?

Me: You know the one. Will you share my bowl?

Nell: Nobody wants to share David’s bowl. There’s never anything in it long enough to get a share of anything. Poppy has tried.

Me: You know what I mean. Poppy is engaged to John the Doberman. Harriet is as good as engaged to Jim the Farm Dog. You were married to Charlie.

Nell: Harriet is not officially engaged to Jim and Poppy’s engagement to John is rather on and off.

Me: Nevertheless. I think it might be on the cards.

Nell: Just don’t start hinting, please. You’re dreadfully obvious when you do that.

Me: No, I’m not.

Nell: All that winking and secret smiling.

Me: I don’t wink.

Nell: You do it every time Rupert and I are together.

Me: Not on purpose.

Nell: I think giving someone a thumbs up could be seen as intentional, don’t you?

Me: I love a good romance.

Nell: I know you do but you must let others decide for themselves when the time is right.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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