David Is In So Much Trouble

Me: I may have got this wrong.

Nell: Probably.

Me: But I feel that Dave might have eaten something by mistake.

Nell: Is this just a feeling, or do you have evidence?

Me: Dave has made himself very small in the yellow chair and is trying to hide behind a little cushion.

Nell: That’s never going to work.

Me: No. He should have chosen a larger one.

Nell: And a different coloured chair. You don’t hide in a yellow chair. Especially if you’re a giant black Labrador.

Me: True.

Nell: Do you know who David is hiding from?

Me: I think I do.

Nell: Is it me?

Me: Is it you?

Nell: You tell me.

Me: I don’t think it is and I wouldn’t tell you if it was.

Nell: Why are you then?

Me: Because I think it’s Poppy.

Nell: Oh dear.

Me: Exactly.

Nell: Why do you think it’s Poppy?

Me: Because she’s lying on the sofa watching Dave with her Fiercest Face.

Nell: The one with the Killer Eyes and the Slight Smile?

Me: Yes.

Nell: That is worrying.

Me: Dave looks extremely worried.

Nell: David should be extremely worried.

Me: What can we do?

Nell: We’re going to have to intervene.

Me: But she’s probably got her cutlass.

Nell: Almost certainly.

Me: We could be sliced in two.

Nell: Poppy would never harm any of us.

Me: Not even Dave?

Nell: Of course not. She’s just annoyed and is teaching him a lesson.

Me: Do you think he might have eaten the Platinum Jubilee Pudding that was in the refrigerator and isn’t anymore?

Nell: Is there an empty bowl?

Me: There’s one with a bit of jelly in the bottom but otherwise it’s basically licked clean.

Nell: David is in so much trouble.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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