Cowardy Custard and Toasties

Me: What’s Dave doing out there? He’s been staring at something for ages.

Nell; It’s just Walter Pigeon. They’re playing Cowardy Custard.

Me: They’re ever so focussed.

Nell: Yes, once they start they can play for hours.

Me: I’ve never seen Dave concentrate so hard.

Nell: David is the Cowardy Custard Champion. He has a lot to lose.

Me: How do you play?

Nell: It’s the first one to move.

Me: Lucky there are no bacon sandwiches around then.

Nell: Talking of sandwiches, Poppy says you can have tuna if you want. She is casting all her former misgivings to the wind and going wild.

Me: I wouldn’t call tuna sandwiches wild.

Nell: They are in Poppy’s eyes. Some of the sandwiches are even going to be toasted.

Me: Goodness me.

Nell: Kev happened to mention he loves a toasted cheese sandwich and Poppy immediately added them to the menu.

Me: That is wild.

Nell: Indeed, and I have told her we might need to serve them with a warning.

Me: I’m sure everyone knows how to use a napkin.

Nell: Why bring napkins into this? A warning about the risk of mouth burning. Melted cheese is very hot.

Me: It is, especially with tomatoes.

Nell: Who mentioned tomatoes?

Me: They’re lovely in a cheese toastie.

Nell: Don’t say toastie, please, and nobody wants that salady stuff. Limp lettuce has ruined many a good sandwich.

Me: I like it.

Nell: You do realise you can only be an observer at afternoon tea, don’t you?

Me: Do you mean I’m not getting anything to eat?

Nell: Of course you will eat but do it quietly.

Me: I’m not a noisy eater.

Nell: I mean don’t interact with the guests. You have a dreadful tendency to over share.

Me: I see. Sorry.

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