A Making Decisions and Watching Harriet Swim Sort of Day

Me: There’s nothing like a refreshing swim on a sunny day.

Nell: I shall leave that to Harriet. A brisk walk followed by a quick paddle is fine with me.

Me: Yes, me too. I’m saving the swimming for when the sea is a bit warmer.

Nell: A sensible decision.

Me: Talking of decisions, have you decided which option to choose for the Maine Coon visit?

Nell: Yes. I’m pleased to say the voting was unanimously in favour of Option 2.

Me: So, there will be dancing llamas?

Nell: There certainly will, along with singing corgis, somersaulting seals and a flamboyance of flamingos.

Me: I thought Count Bingo Flamingo would want to be involved.

Nell: Yes, as soon as Malcolm told him he insisted on joining in. As he pointed out, ‘This is The Cat. Our dear friend. We need to show our support.’

Me: Is The Cat happy with it all?

Nell: More than happy. It burst into tears.

Me: Bless.

Nell: And so did David.

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy has such a big heart.

Nell: He feels responsible. If the Maine Coons hadn’t decided to try and coax him away The Cat would never have been involved.

Me: Do we know why they chose Dave? He isn’t really a minimalistic sort of dog.

Nell: We don’t. But it’s a question I’m going to ask them.

Me: Is that wise?

Nell: I don’t care. I need to know what’s going on.

Me: I still think that wretched lion is behind all this.

Nell: Moving on. Do you think a Royal Owl Force flypast is too much? Owl Pacino was asking.

Me: Nothing is too much for The Cat in my book.

Nell: This is going in a book then, is it?

Me: I’m afraid so. Sorry.

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