Tony, Dave and The Pointer Sisters

Me: Dave was over the moon to see Tony again after the Easter break.

Nell: Yes, they had an awful lot to talk about.

Me: The first thing I heard Tony say was, ‘Thank goodness you’re back from Dartmoor now, Boy. Hope you got plenty of bacon sandwiches. You must have been skin and bone.’

Nell: A lot of people were extremely worried about David. He’s a popular animal.

Me: Have there really not been any sightings of those beautiful Maine Coon cats since the Dartmoor incident?

Nell: Well, it’s funny you should say that.

Me: Why?

Nell: My friend Dorothy says there are a pair of Maine Coons staying at the Burgh Island Hotel.

Me: The hotel where Lionel King has his suite?

Nell: Yes, but don’t bring lions into this, please. We’ve quite enough on our paws with two large fluffy cats.

Me: Lionel is a large fluffy cat.

Nell: There is nothing fluffy about Lionel. Trust me.

Me: How does Dorothy know about the Maine Coons?

Nell: Pamela the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was having afternoon tea there with The Pointer Sisters and they were sitting at the next table.

Me: The band?

Nell: No. The Maine Coons.

Me: I meant The Pointer Sisters. They were an American R&B singing group.

Nell: What are you talking about? They are English Pointers and they certainly can’t sing.

Me: Oh, I see. Were the Maine Coons doing anything fishy?

Nell: No, they were having scones, jam and cream like everyone else, although there might have been fish in the sandwiches, I suppose.

Me: Never mind. Have you told Sally?

Nell: Yes, we discussed it at Morning Thoughts.

Me: My Thoughts are that Lionel is behind this.

Nell: Well, try and keep Your Thoughts to yourself then.

Me: Too late. Sorry.

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