A Shy Foal

Me: What are Harriet and Poppy doing?

Nell: Looking for clues. The shy foal says it saw a wolf drinking water down here.

Me: What shy foal?

Nell: The one we all followed down to the stream. Do keep up.

Me: Does the shy foal have a name?

Nell: Yes. Manaton.

Me: Is Manaton sure it was Knitwear Wolf? Only, it could have been a different one.

Nell: It was wearing a cardigan under its biker leathers and a beautiful scarf.

Me: I see. Was it handsome and kind?

Nell: How is Manaton going to know that?

Me: Just asking.

Nell: We should probably cross the stream and go and ask Manaton’s family.

Me: Dartmoor ponies don’t like people bothering them.

Nell: This is an emergency.

Me: I’m not sure everybody should come with us, Nell. Especially Beauregard and Mrs King.

Nell: You have a point there. I’m afraid getting an ice cream from that van earlier wasn’t such a good idea.

Me: People don’t expect tigers and lions in a queue.

Nell: They didn’t mind the llamas.

Me: Llamas are different.

Nell: You’re telling me. They just can’t help showing off. Did they have to do cartwheels?

Me: People clapped. In fact it was all going really well until Beauregard and Mrs King appeared.

Nell: Yes. I’m afraid they’re going to have to stay undercover in future.

Me: I agree.

Nell: I think you, Poppy and Harriet should come with me.

Me: I’m included?

Nell: Yes. Henry and Horst will be riding on your hat so keep it on your head, please.

Me: I didn’t mean to shake them off. I forgot they were there.

Nell: Well, don’t do it again. If they weren’t wearing helmets and full body armour they could have been seriously hurt.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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