Sunday Disagreements

Me: Have the puppies had a disagreement?

Nell: Why would you say that?

Me: They’re outside on their sun loungers not talking to each other.

Nell: That doesn’t have to mean they’re quarrelling. My friend Dorothy and I have spent many a pleasant afternoon down by the sea in quiet contemplation, just enjoying the view.

Me: But Harriet is looking one way and Davey is looking another.

Nell: Please don’t call him Davey. It’s bad enough that Sally does. His name is David.

Me: Well, hopefully Sunday Songs will put them in a better mood.

Nell: I doubt it. I believe Harriet is performing with The Welsh Corgi Choir.

Me: Dave loves it when Harriet sings.

Nell: It’s ‘My Favourite Things’.

Me: From ‘The Sound of Music’?

Nell: Yes. The Whippets Institute have asked her to play Maria.

Me: How exciting, She would be ever so good at it. I can imagine her running through the fields singing.

Nell: Do we really want her to go on tour though?

Me: I suppose not. I bet that’s what’s worrying Dave. He’s awfully protective of his sister.

Nell: Perhaps. You do realise Rupert has been approached to play Baron Von Trapp.

Me: Knitwear Wolf would be perfect, Nell. So handsome and dignified with a lovely deep voice.

Nell: I’m not sure he will want to be away for so long.

Me: He could keep an eye on Harriet.

Nell: True.

Me: Talking of being away, I can’t remember if I told you but I’m going on a Writers Retreat on Thursday.

Nell: Again?

Me: It’s only for a few days, Nell. I’ll be back by Sunday.

Nell: I see I am to be abandoned by all and sundry.

Me: I’m not all and sundry, Nell.

Nell: If the collar fits.

Me: Sorry.

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