Storm Eunice

Me: Thank goodness the power has finally come back on.

Nell: Speak up, please. I can hardly hear you above this wretched wind.

Me: Storm Eunice is rather noisy.

Nell: Storm Eunice is extremely annoying. I can’t hear myself think with all that howling going on.

Me: It’s what gales do.

Nell: You do realise our grocery delivery has been cancelled?

Me: We’ll manage, Nell. Poppy always has the freezer well stocked.

Nell: Poppy is furious. She says a storm is not going to stop her.

Me: Well, she’s wrong. We all need to stay at home today. There’s no point in anyone putting themselves in danger.

Nell: There’s no chance of David doing that. He’s just sleeping by the fire.

Me: I know. Darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy. Nothing bothers him.

Nell: Lack of food might.

Me: We’re fine, Nell. We’ve got plenty of biscuits and there’s lots of water.

Nell: Biscuits and water? I hope they’re shortbread biscuits and please use the water to make a pot of Earl Grey tea.

Me: Harriet seems worried.

Nell: She doesn’t like storms. I think I might ask Rupert to read to us all in front of the fire later. That always helps.

Me: Yes, Knitwear Wolf has a comfortable growly sort of voice. Rather like Kev.

Nell: Dear James Beddall suggested ‘David Copperfield’.

Me: Yes. It’s an excellent idea. You can’t beat a bit of Dickens on a blustery day.

Nell: We certainly won’t be feeling the cold. All the outside animals have come inside until the storm is over so there’s bound to be some Storm Surviving Snuggling.

Me: Snuggling sounds fine to me, Nell. As long as I can snuggle with you.

Nell: I shall make an exception today but don’t get used to it.

Me: No. Sorry.

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