Looking and Listening

Me: Do you know why Harriet is hiding on the stairs?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Is it a game? Can I be included this time?

Nell: It is not a game and if we don’t include you it’s because you don’t enjoy it. You’re easily confused.

Me: I am not.

Nell: When we allow you to play Shenanigans you squeal if anyone comes near you.

Me: I don’t like being bounced.

Nell: When you play Cheeky Animals you stick your tongue out at every available opportunity and always get caught first time.

Me: It’s not that easy.

Nell: Or you accuse animals of being unnecessarily rude which is exactly the aim of the game.

Me: I prefer Scrabble.

Nell: Well, we will play later. Knitwear Wolf was only saying the other day that he would love a game.

Me: Is Harriet in a huff?

Nell: A huff?

Me: Yes. Has someone upset her?

Nell: Not yet.

Me: Well, why is she sitting there?

Nell: Harriet is Looking and Listening.

Me: Do you mean spying? Only it’s fairly obvious that it’s her. She isn’t wearing dark glasses, or a fake moustache.

Nell: How many times do I have to tell you that spies don’t do that.

Me: Dave does, and so does Gladys on occasions.

Nell: That’s why David and Gladys aren’t spies.

Me: So, why is Harriet spying?

Nell: I am going to tell you something and you must not overreact.

Me: Of course not.

Nell: We have reason to believe there is a lion in our loft.

Me: A lion! The Cat saw it in the orchard.

Nell: It has moved. Try and stay calm please.

Me: Lionel King is hiding in our loft and I’m supposed to be calm?

Nell: Nobody said it was Lionel King.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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