Seaweed and Positivity

Me: Seaweed is an odd thing, isn’t it?

Nell: Here we go.

Me: Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t.

Nell: Good grief. That’s not up to the seaweed. It’s the sea’s decision.

Me: It must be quite hard being a seaweed. You never know where you’ll land next.

Nell: If you are going to suggest that we take some seaweed home then the answer is no.

Me: Harriet would love it.

Nell: We have quite enough to deal with, thank you, without you filling the house with marine plants.

Me: Just saying.

Nell: Well, don’t.

Me: Are you still feeling sprightly after your injection? I was telling Chloe all about you on the phone yesterday.

Nell: Sprightly? I’m not an elderly whippet. Why were you talking to Chloe?

Me: We were arranging your next hydrotherapy.

Nell: Oh. Yes, I am feeling a lot better than I have done for quite some time.

Me: Well, that’s my Christmas present sorted.

Nell: What do you mean?

Me: You feeling better and not in so much pain.

Nell: Yes, I understand. Nobody likes to see a loved one suffering.

Me: We love each other very much, don’t we?

Nell: We do.

Me: Maybe I could just put a little seaweed in Princess’s pool?

Nell: Stop. It’s not happening. There’s hardly any room in there anyway, since Arctic Bob came to stay.

Me: I thought he was more of a travelling walrus.

Nell: He is but he’s taken a shine to Princess. He enjoys her positivity, according to Our Penguin.

Me: Dave and the Llamas are positive animals too. That sounds like a band, doesn’t it?

Nell: Don’t go giving them ideas. Have you ever heard a llama sing?

Me: No, they usually dance.

Nell: There’s a reason for that.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

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