David Smells Trouble

Me: Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the United States.

Nell: Yes.

Me: Why is Dave sniffing Poppy’s face? She looks furious.

Nell: Poppy smells of Lion.

Me: Lion?

Nell: Yes, with a hint of Beefy.

Me: Surely not.

Nell: We thought it was Tiger at first, but after closer inspection David says it’s definitely Lion.

Me: I’m sure Poppy can explain.

Nell: She’s refusing to talk.

Me: You don’t think she’s eaten a tainted biscuit and turned Bad do you?

Nell: Anything is possible. After all she wasn’t exactly Good in the first place.

Me: True.

Nell: Have you ever ridden on a reindeer?

Me: Not recently.

Nell: Well, you may have to later.

Me: May I ask why?

Nell: Rumour has it that Poppy is meeting up with Lionel King and Associates for a Thanksgiving dinner. They were seen together earlier.

Me: But Lionel isn’t from the United States.

Nell: Do you know his Associates?

Me: No.

Nell: Well then. Poppy will need to be followed so I suggested you and Olive the Other Reindeer said she’d take you.

Me: Why suggest me?

Nell: I thought you always wanted to be a spy and nobody is going to suspect you.

Me: Won’t I draw attention to myself riding on a reindeer?

Nell: Not at this time of year. Just wear a hat and beard.

Me: Why can’t you go?

Nell: The Puppies and I are having Thanksgiving dinner with Babycakes Gillespie at the Big House. The Cat has invited all the Strictly cast and crew.

Me: I’d have loved that.

Nell: You have much more important work to do.

Me: Everybody’s going to get a Thanksgiving dinner except me.

Nell: Don’t worry. Olive usually has a few carrots and a mince pie with her.

Me: Ok. Sorry.

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