Robins and Sunsets

Me: Is there a reason why you’re wrapped in a Small Person’s Duvet and Dave is eating the Dog Drying Towel?

Nell: David is not eating it. He is Carrying It Around.

Me: I wish he wouldn’t.

Nell: It’s his most favourite thing to do, apart from Eating and Cuddling.

Me: And the duvet?

Nell: I was feeling the cold and David kindly brought it to me.

Me: You have blankets. That duvet is for the grandchildren.

Nell: Sometimes blankets simply won’t do.

Me: I know what you mean.

Nell: Now, if you were thinking of asking for bacon this morning please don’t.

Me: But I’m sure I could smell it earlier.

Nell: I’m afraid it all went at First Sitting.

Me: First Sitting?

Nell: The early dog catches the biscuit. Or in this case the bacon sandwich.

Me: Don’t you mean the early bird?

Nell: Don’t mention birds to me. Your friend Robin is becoming decidedly rotund, by the way.

Me: Robins are meant to be round and he’s not just my friend. Did you see that beautiful sunset yesterday?

Nell: I did.

Me: Robin knocked on the window to tell me to go out and see it. Wasn’t that sweet of him?

Nell: Robin should ring the bell like everyone else.

Me: I don’t know why you’ve taken against him.

Nell: You spend far too much time with that bird.

Me: I enjoy chatting to him. He’s an excellent conversationalist and he gives me the bird’s eye view on life.

Nell: May I remind you that it is Conversations with Nell not Robin.

Me: You’re jealous.

Nell: Stuff and nonsense.

Me: At least Robin has time for me. You’re always too busy to chat.

Nell: What do you think we are doing right now?

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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