An uninvited guest

Me: Why are you all looking at me like that?

Nell: Like what?

Me: Like I’m the uninvited guest at a party.

Nell: We’re in the middle of Morning Thoughts.

Me: Well, I just bumped into a walrus upstairs wearing Kev’s dressing gown.

Nell: Good. It’s dreadfully cold in the mornings.

Me: Does Kev even know about this?

Nell: Of course. It isn’t one of his dressing gowns. It’s a guest dressing gown. He found it on the door of the back bedroom.

Me: Hang on a minute. Has a walrus been sleeping in the back bedroom?

Nell: He has to sleep somewhere and he’s not any old walrus. He’s Arctic Bob. Do keep up.

Me: I hope he finds the ship and the box soon. We might need that room.

Nell: He will. Knitwear Wolf is taking Bob and Princess down to the sea after training.

Me: What dance is it this week?

Nell: It’s the Viennese Waltz so there’s been a lot of sickness. Malcolm is in an awful state.

Me: It’s all that spinning around, isn’t it?

Nell: In David’s case it’s an excess of Apple Strudel.

Me: Did you ever get your coffee and doughnuts, by the way?

Nell: What doughnuts?

Me: I thought Dave was sent to get some from Babycakes Gillespie.

Nell: They never arrived.

Me: Never mind. My mistake. Or rather Dave’s.

Nell: What? Anyway, Bob is fairly sure he can track the ship down and once he does he will alert the navy seals and go on board.

Me: How exciting. Have you noticed Princess is rather coquettish when she’s around Bob?

Nell: Well, I hope she doesn’t get her heart broken. Arctic Bob never stays anywhere for long.

Me: Does he have a seal in every port?

Nell: Enough.

Me: Sorry.

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