Happy Birthday Alex

Nell: Is that Hattie Button?

Me: Yes, I saw her yesterday.

Nell: Where were you?

Me: I went out for lunch with my sisters. It’s Alex’s birthday today.

Nell: Happy Birthday Alex. Rumour has it that this was a dogless lunch.

Me: Yes, it was just we three sisters. Kev didn’t go either. You were all busy getting ready for Strictly.

Nell: It would have been nice to be asked.

Me: So, what did you think of yesterday’s performance?

Nell: Considering the challenges faced by the wardrobe department it went really well.

Me: It’s quite amazing what can be done with some tin foil and glitter. The Cat should be proud.

Nell: It’s exhausted.

Me: I thought Malcolm and Alejandro stole the show. The way Malcolm displayed his feathers like a cape and Alejandro bared his teeth.

Nell: Yes, that was impressive but Poppy and Stephen Seagull are going to be hard to beat.

Me: Poppy certainly makes a marvellous matador and Stephen as the flying cape was amazing.

Nell: Yes, the Pasa Doble was bound to favour our feathered contestants.

Me: Lionel King gave them a 10.

Nell: I’m seriously considering taking that lion’s voting paddles away. Beauregard and Harriet were much better than a 3 and a 1 for Rupert and Myfanwy was grossly unfair.

Me: It wasn’t really their dance though. Rita and Manuel struggled too.

Nell: Manuel had a problem with his tentacles. We shall have to hope the public vote will save them. Did you see Princess throwing fish at Count Bingo Flamingo?

Me: He caught them all.

Nell: That’s not the point. It’s unseemly behaviour for a judge.

Me: Well, I loved every minute and Henry and Horst were little stars. See what I did there?

Nell: Just pour the tea.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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