An eventful walk

Me: I saw you playing Cheeky Animals.

Nell: Nonsense. Kev and I were showing Chris the river.

Me: You were awfully brave to go in. It was quite wild.

Nell: Yes, I know.

Me: Were you trying to impress Chris?

Nell: No, I was merely enjoying the clear coolness of the water. Are you going to tell everyone what happened after our walk?

Me: I wasn’t going to actually.

Nell: How we were driving away from a pleasant walk when you squealed that you had lost your phone.

Me: It wasn’t in my pocket.

Nell: And how Kev and Chris had to retrack all of our steps along the walk.

Me: Yes.

Nell: And even engaged the help of a couple of elderly lurchers.

Me: I think the lurchers were more than happy to help.

Nell: Never mind that. Tell everyone what happened next.

Me: They couldn’t find it on the walk.

Nell: So?

Me: So Kev put his hand down the side of my seat in the car and there it was.

Nell: Exactly where you should have looked first.

Me: I thought I did. At least Kev and Chris got another walk.

Nell: I’m not sure they would see it that way.

Me: They were both very kind and so were the lurchers so all’s well that ends well.

Nell: As if we don’t have enough excitement at the moment with Strictly starting tomorrow.

Me: Someone made an interesting comment about your impartiality as a judge.

Nell: Did they now?

Me: Will you be able to judge Rupert and Myfanwy fairly? Or will your dislike of Myfanwy, or affection for Rupert, cloud your judgement?

Nell: Nothing will cloud my judgement and as far as my affections are concerned it is nobody’s business but my own.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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