Jonathan Sky is 5 today

Me: I can’t believe Jonathan is 5 today. Look at the children now and the last time they were here.

Nell: I’ve written a poem for Jonathan. Would you like to hear it?

Me: Yes. Very much.

Nell: ‘Put on your party hats

Fetch Jonathan’s crown.

Stand up, if you’re sitting,

If you’re standing, sit down.

Does he like jam?

Or would he prefer honey?

No, I didn’t say ham,

Stop trying to be funny.

We need lots of pasta,

And pizza. And steak.

There has to be chocolate,

There must be a cake.

Who’s been eating the chips?

Show me your paws.

They are covered in ketchup.

Are those dinosaurs?

What are they doing here?

Who invited them, please?

They’re awfully big.

They’re taller than trees.

How did they get here?

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Don’t make something up,

This has to be true.

They came in a rocket?

Because dinosaurs like flying?

Especially through space?

Now I know you are lying.

Oh, Jonathan told you?

Why didn’t you say?

If Jonathan invited them

Then it must be okay.

I hope dinosaurs like singing

It’s high time for a song,

Because Jonathan is five

And he can do no wrong.

No, only for today,

It can’t be for ever.

Even owls can do wrong

And they’re dreadfully clever.

Granny and Grandpa

And Harriet and Dave

And Nell and Poppy

Are all giving a wave.

Although they are ever so far away

They think of Jonathan every day.

And his little sister Faye

And Papa and Mummy.

Although Dave thinks of bacon

And filling his tummy.

So Happy Birthday to you

Darling Jonathan Sky.

Now we all know it is true

That dinosaurs can fly.’

Me: I love it.

Nell: No tears. You will see them soon.

Me: Sorry.

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