Important Thinking

Me: My darling Big Brave Beautiful Boy is lying outside on his lounger. Isn’t it a bit early? The Welsh corgi choir aren’t singing until later.

Nell: David wants some time alone. He has some Important Thinking to do.

Me: That sounds rather heavy for a Sunday.

Nell: Sundays are meant for Thinking. You know that.

Me: Maybe Dave is thinking about bacon or what Sunday roast Poppy is cooking.

Nell: He is not. At Morning Thoughts today we were discussing The Current Situation and David is struggling to come to terms with it.

Me: We only need to self isolate for a little while longer, Nell.

Nell: It’s not that. It’s you.

Me: Me?

Nell: David can’t bear it.

Me: I know he doesn’t like me to be ill. I woke up to find his face right next to mine. He must have been watching me sleep.

Nell: We’re supposed to take it in turns but David insists on doing the lion’s share.

Me: Talking of lions, has there been any sign of Lionel King?

Nell: According to eyewitnesses Lionel has been attending the Film Festival in Cannes, the Olympic Games in Tokyo and still managing a coffee at the local Starbarks.

Me: I thought spectators weren’t allowed at the Olympics.

Nell: Is that all you find odd?

Me: No, obviously they must be different lions. Was he really seen at Starbarks? That’s a bit close to home.

Nell: Yes. John the Doberman is Keeping an Eye and Babycakes Gillespie has been warned.

Me: I’m not sure Babycakes Gillespie’s gangster jewellery is something Lionel will be interested in. He’s more about diamonds and pearls.

Nell: Gangster jewellery? What are you talking about? Lionel likes his coffee and Babycakes has a coffee cart. Do keep up.

Me: Oh yes. Sorry.

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