Some Big News

Me: What’s the matter with Poppy? She looks so sad. Has something happened?

Nell: There has been a most unfortunate incident at the hotel.

Me: Oh no. Is Poppy hurt?

Nell: No, but somebody will be when she finds out who did this.

Me: Did what?

Nell: Some scallywag has stolen Poppy’s sword.

Me: Her sword? How did they do that?

Nell: Well, as you know, she always sleeps with it under her pillow.

Me: I wish she wouldn’t do that.

Nell: It’s only when she is away from home and that’s not the point.

Me: No.

Nell: Anyway, when she woke this morning it was gone.

Me: Do you think someone was in her room?

Nell: Yes, of course they were.

Me: That’s dreadful.

Nell: It is a little disconcerting I must say. We think it definitely has something to do with the roaring we heard last night.

Me: So, there was roaring?

Nell: Yes. It kept me awake.

Me: I think you should all come home.

Nell: Don’t be silly. Are those my grand nephews and nieces, by the way? I know David and Harriet’s sister had puppies.

Me: Yes and I have some big news.

Nell: Go on.

Me: You know Tony and Sue have been grieving over the loss of Ollie?

Nell: Yes.

Me: Well, I told them about the puppies and yesterday they drove up to see them and they are going to have one of the little boys.

Nell: That’s wonderful.

Me: Yes, another member of the family to welcome.

Nell: I am very happy for Tony and Sue. They were meant to have dogs in their lives.

Me: I think Dave might be a little jealous at first.

Nell: David is an uncle now. He will need to show restraint.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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