What a coincidence!

Me: Look what Sylvia sent me. You as a puppy at the studio with Kev. How adorable were you?

Nell: Some may say I still am.

Me: Would that be a certain someone you had afternoon tea with yesterday?

Nell: If you mean Detective Inspector Lionel King then it’s certainly something he would say, although after yesterday’s fiasco I’m not sure if he will be inviting me out again.

Me: Why? Wasn’t the tea very nice?

Nell: The tea was delightful, if not quite up to Poppy’s standards. A selection of sandwiches, crusts off, scones with jam and cream and a choice of cake.

Me: You’re making me hungry. What went wrong then?

Nell: Let me just say that when I agreed to have afternoon tea with a handsome lion I was not expecting a wolf and a tiger to be sitting at the next table.

Me: That’s a bit unkind, Nell. The hotel is open to all guests.

Nell: If I tell you the wolf was wearing a knitted cardigan and the tiger was carrying a trumpet it might help you understand.

Me: Oh. You mean Rupert and Beauregard?

Nell: I do.

Me: What a coincidence. Fancy them deciding to have tea on the same day as you in the same place.

Nell: And at the same time.

Me: Where was Oliver? He’s usually with Beauregard.

Nell: Oliver was at the other table with a large black Labrador, a flamingo, two woodlice and an octopus.

Me: At least Gladys wasn’t there.

Nell: Gladys was performing in the bar with the llamas.

Me: Well, you couldn’t make that one up.

Nell: I think we both know that you could. Don’t pretend you didn’t know what they were planning.

Me: We just wanted to keep an eye on you, Nell. Sorry.

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