Nell: Stop annoying David.

Me: I’m not. We are playing Cheeky Animals.

Nell: Is David really in the mood for a game?

Me: He is, Nell. Look. If you wait long enough he will stick his tongue out.

Nell: Have you ever considered he might be telling you to go away?

Me: No. My Big Brave Beautiful Boy is glad of any distraction.

Nell: You might be right. He could certainly do with thinking about something other than that wretched Handsome Stranger.

Me: Do we know anymore about his identity?

Nell: Rumours are flying around. In some cases literally as the Beefies are spreading them too.

Me: Oh no.

Nell: They keep flying past shouting ‘Hello Stranger.’

Me: There’s no need for that.

Nell: I’m just glad Gladys has a cricket bat and knows how to use it.

Me: I’m not sure violence is the answer.

Nell: No. The bat is for hitting mackerel. She scored a six last time.

Me: Good for her. I didn’t know she played.

Nell: Gladys and Poppy are in the ladies cricket team along with most of the Whippets Institute.

Me: Well, goodness me.

Nell: You should come along one Sunday afternoon when the weather gets better. They are a lively bunch and the tea is excellent.

Me: I will. Thank you. So what are the Beefies saying about the Handsome Stranger?

Nell: Ridiculous nonsense. A Bengal Tiger? Just because tigers enjoy dancing.

Me: I didn’t know tigers danced.

Nell: Oh yes. Tigers love jazz. Can’t get enough of it.

Me: Gosh.

Nell: But as I said to my friend Dorothy, ‘Sally is not going to be won over by a cat, however handsome and stripy it is.’

Me: Tigers are magnificent creatures, though.

Nell: And so is David.

Me: Yes, of course. Sorry.

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