Sunday Contemplation

Me: It was amazing down on the beach. All those kite surfers.

Nell: They were certainly out in force.

Me: I thought they were giant colourful Beefies from far away.

Nell: Nonsense. Beefies may occasionally wear tank tops and even the odd sombrero, but they would never colour their wings.

Me: No?

Nell: I have it on good authority that Devon Beefies are particularly proud of their white feathers.

Me: Have you been talking to Stephen Seagull?

Nell: Certainly not. Dreadful bird. Terry and I discussed it when he delivered my Earl Grey.

Me: How is Terry?

Nell: Very well. Book a Beefy is still a little hit and miss but that‘s to be expected. Beefies are nothing if not unreliable. Now it’s Sunday today, and a day of rest.

Me: Yes.

Nell: I’m expecting you to join David in the living room after Sunday Songs in silent contemplation.

Me: What of? Poppy’s roast dinner?

Nell: No. The coming week.

Me: Can’t I read a book?

Nell: If you must, just make sure you are quiet. David needs to gather his thoughts. We have a busy time ahead.

Me: I know my week is going to be busy but I didn’t know yours was too.

Nell: There’s a vast amount of preparation to be done before next month’s Growl on Sunday. David has his column to write and I am interviewing Jamie.

Me: Can people still write in?

Nell: Of course. They just need to email contact@conversationswithnell.org.

Me: Kev and I get our second vaccination on Thursday. It’s such a relief. Life is slowly returning to normal. If there is such a thing anymore.

Nell: Normal is highly overrated if you ask me. Take life as it comes is my motto and make the most of it.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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