Shocking Revelations

Me: You look exhausted, Nell.

Nell: Can you blame me after yesterday?

Me: We should tell everyone what happened.

Nell: Go on then.

Me: Well, Terry arrived at the gate with a rather round mole wearing spectacles.

Nell: Unnecessary detail.

Me: I like to set the scene.

Nell: The surprise was that Squawk was behind him ushering him along and telling him to confess.

Me: Which wasn’t the plan.

Nell: No. We all gathered in the living room and Terry said he bumped into Squawk and the mole on his way over here.

Me: That’s when Poppy pointed her sword at him and said, ‘Explain your text to Nell’ in a fierce voice.

Nell: Terry denied sending me a text and said he’d lost his phone. But Squawk laughed and said ‘Admit you have been secretly working with the Beefies to clip innocent animals and sell their fur after storing it in the moles’ underground tunnels.’

Me: That was a bit shocking.

Nell: Not as shocking as Squawk saying, ‘All this time you were pretending to be a good friend but I knew otherwise. You see I am Sally’s mole.’

Me: We gasped, didn’t we?

Nell: We did.

Me: Then a voice said, ‘I think you will find, sir, that if anyone is Sally’s mole, it is me. My name is Roley Moley and I’m a member of the Secret Service. Your days of being a double agent are over.’

Nell: You could have heard a biscuit drop.

Me: Or pin.

Nell: It seems Sally suspected Squawk, so she asked Roley to go undercover. Squawk thought Roley was helping him frame Terry.

Me: Why?

Nell: Squawk guessed Sally was becoming suspicious.

Me: Now we finally know the mole story.

Nell: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

Me: Sorry.

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