A Mother’s Day Birthday

Nell: There’s an awful lot of singing going on out there. The Welsh corgi choir are in full voice.

Me: Wonderful, isn’t it?

Nell: Yes. It is Mother’s Day and mothers deserve to be celebrated loudly.

Me: So do you.

Nell: Never mind me. It’s only my 9th birthday.

Me: Why don’t you go outside and have a proper look, Eeyore? You might be surprised.

Nell: Well, goodness gracious me. The field is full of animals in colourful hats and the llamas are holding a great big banner.

Me: What does it say?

Nell: ‘Happy Birthday Darling Nell.’ I am really touched.

Me: And what are they singing?

Nell: It sounds like ‘Hello Nelly, well Hello Nelly, it’s so nice to have you back where you belong.’ I haven’t been anywhere and I’m not called Nelly.

Me: Never mind that. Now they are singing Happy Birthday.

Nell: Is that a cake?

Me: Yes. Lemon drizzle. Your favourite. Poppy made it first thing this morning while you were asleep.

Nell: How delightful.

Me: There’s roast chicken for lunch with all the trimmings and a late afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones and cake. No diets today.

Nell: David will be relieved.

Me: I’ve written you a little poem, too. Would you like to hear it?

Nell: Very much.

Me: ‘A certain someone I know

Has a birthday today.

A someone I love

More than words can say.

A someone who likes to speak her mind.

Who is wise and witty

And deceptively kind.

That someone is Nell.

Who else could it be?

If I didn’t have Nell,

I couldn’t be me.’

Nell: Thank you. Now, what exactly do you mean by deceptively kind?

Me: Happy Birthday Nell.

Nell: Happy Mother’s Day. We’re in this together, you know. Always.

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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