No Sign

Me: Any sign of Poppy yet?

Nell: No. We looked everywhere.

Me: Have a cup of tea by the fire.

Nell: I can’t rest. I need to be out there searching. Where is Terry?

Me: He’s with PC Panda and Sally going through his statement again.

Nell: I can’t believe Squawk would attack his own brother.

Me: They don’t get on, Nell.

Nell: I don’t get on with Majorie Poops, but you don’t see me hitting her with my handbag.

Me: Squawk doesn’t have a handbag.

Nell: You know what I mean.

Me: Who is Majorie Poops by the way? It’s an unfortunate name.

Nell: Agony aunt for The Growl on Sunday. Goes to my Pilates class.

Me: So, what did Terry say?

Nell: He was on his way to meet Poppy when Squawk burst out of the bushes and attacked him.

Me: Did he steal the bacon?

Nell: Of course.

Me: But what about Poppy? Do you think she saw the attack on Terry?

Nell: Maybe. I wonder where Squawk has taken her.

Me: He’s going to regret it. Poppy is not someone to be pushed around.

Nell: I’m glad she has her long hair at the moment. Better to be scruffy and warm.

Me: It’s odd to see Terry looking all scruffy and smelling of seaweed. He is usually so pristine.

Nell: Yes. He’s not himself at all.

Me: Why is it taking so long?

Nell: Sally is very thorough.

Me: There she is, Nell. She’s waving at you to join them.

Nell: Perhaps there’s been a breakthrough.

Me: You’ll let me know what they say, won’t you? I don’t want to be kept in the dark. She’s my darling Poppy too.

Nell: You are coming in there with me. You and me. Always. Remember?

Me: Yes. Sorry.

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