Sunny beaches and Missed Messages

Me: It was beautiful down on the beach yesterday, wasn’t it? Sudden blue skies after all the rain.

Nell: Yes. So many people are dealing with the cold and snow at the moment that I thought a few sunny photos might cheer them up.

Me: Good idea. We also wanted to say that for some reason we have missed some of your messages recently. We don’t know why.

Nell: So a great big belated Happy Birthday to Tracy Woolliscroft.

Me: Yes, and a huge hug to Glenys Williams. Keep writing those poems. We love them.

Nell: And even if we don’t see your messages immediately we will always respond when we do.

Me: Yes. So please keep writing to us. We are always here for you.

Nell: David has asked for extra bacon today after surviving that traumatic trip to the vets.

Me: It wasn’t a traumatic trip, Nell. Dave bumped his leg and it was a little sore so we wanted them to check it. Just in case.

Nell: They took him away. On his own.

Me: They have to do that at the moment because of COVID19. You know that.

Nell: Yes, I know that, but David doesn’t. You should have allowed me to accompany him.

Me: He was fine, Nell. Kev waited for him outside and he wasn’t in there for very long.

Nell: They stuck a needle in him.

Me: It was just antibiotics.

Nell: Well, I think bacon is a reasonable request for all concerned.

Me: What do you mean by all concerned? Are you angling for bacon too? It was only Dave who went to the vets. You all stayed at home by the fire.

Nell: But we were all concerned. Very concerned, if you must know.

Me: Yes. I suppose you were. Sorry.

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